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This is one of the downstairs baths that was in when we bought the house.  The door is in the kitchen.



Here is the bathroom gutted!  At this point it is a hallway between the kitchen and the Butler's Pantry.  The new door will be off of the Butler's Pantry.  

Under the sheetrock are tongue and groove planks.


7/25/04-- We had seriously thought about leaving the old iron pipe (it serves no purpose) and make a towel rack off of it.... but even though we loved the look of it, it was hindering the layout of the bathroom.... so out it went....


Next, Jeff began leveling the VERY uneven floor!  Check out the difference between the first and last strip....


Here is the ceiling of the bathroom.  We found out from a neighbor who lived here in the 1950's that there used to be a coal burning heater right here.   You can see the black marks on the ceiling!


And now, onto putting down the original floorboards that we pulled up from the upstairs!


8/7/04-- Here is the floor, stained and ready to go!


Here you can see my pocket door that Jeff put in, and the wainscoting.  


9/4/04 -- Here is the bathroom with the tub and fixtures in!  

(I will be painting the mirror to match)




9/18/08 -- I decided to revamp the bathroom to better match the rest of the house's color scheme!