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The foyer had some sheetrock damage that needed to be repaired.  This is the foyer when we purchased the house.


05/08/04- Jeff began taking down the sheetrock on the front wall.

On the other walls, there is old planks under the sheetrock.  If possible, we hope to put them back up in the foyer instead of sheetrock.

In between the sheetrock and the planks, we found this old wallpaper.  It is actually a fabric instead of paper like we use today.  It was also nailed onto the wall in place instead of glue.  I read that sometimes they would take the wall "paper" down and take it with them if they moved. 

Look-- You can see the fabric underneath the design...


5/16/04- Under the wallpaper, we found a surprise!  At one point, there were stairs on the left wall!

6/5/04-- Today, Jeff took down the tongue and groove plank wall that separates the foyer from the living room.  We are installing a double French door in the center of the wall!

6/9/04-- Here are some photos of the French door....

6/12/04-- In sheet rocking the kitchen, it was discovered that the door frame between the kitchen and the foyer had to come out (termite damage to the stud).

6/19/04-- Jeff has taken the sheetrock out of the rest of the foyer, including the ceiling.  (After dropping a board on his face!)  We are going to put in tongue and groove walls and either metal ceiling tiles or tongue and groove boards there, too.


7/1/04-- Here is a picture of the upstairs front door... from the downstairs foyer!


Here is the progress on the foyer wall!


9/8/29 -- Jeff has made the door casings for the foyer.  We found the rosettes and blocks at an antiques show.


I am stripping the old paint off of the stairs...

9/21/04 --  Here I have painted the stair case and primed the walls!

12/6/04-- We have painted the walls and trim-- finally!


2/28/05-- Beginnings of a ceiling... the tin tiles will go over these boards.....


How do we do this work with kids?  2 words-- BABY GATES!



The stairs are stripped and stained! Now they just need some polyurethane!



8/3/07 -- I've finally put polyurethane on the steps, and I painted the rest of the wall that needed paint.. up to the upstairs foyer.

The upstairs foyer's walls have been exposed and painted for the last century or more, so the gaps are nice and filled with layers and layers of paint.  The wood we just painted, and the downstairs foyer, wasn't exposed, so the gaps are more noticeable.  We'll wait until the fall and caulk them, and repaint.  And the work's never done...


12/31/2007 -- Now that we have a living room, the foyer is simply... A FOYER!!!  We want to caulk all the gaps in the wood, eventually, and repaint... and of course, antique shop.


6/9/2008  -- After many years, the completion (or semi-completion) of the upstairs bath has allowed us to move forward on the foyer ceiling.  Jeff and Randy put up the gorgeous antique ceiling tiles that we bought long ago.  The light fixture came with the house and I cannot express how happy I am to no longer have a dangly light bulb on a wire in my foyer!  The ceiling will be painted once the trim is up.  I kind of like it with the tin look, but since this is 1910 tile, it isn't perfect.


7/14/2008  -- It has taken quite a while, but finally, the first room that you see upon entering my house no longer looks like a work in progress. The ceiling is painted, the trim is up, Jeff and Randy actually caulked the gap between each and every board on the walls, and we finished painting the walls this weekend. It looks great! Because we are now beginning construction on the adjoining room, it will no doubt be a while before the rug is on the floor and pictures are on.



6/1/09 - Here are pictures as of today: