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Pix from the Day One


Wow.  The attic.  Yikes.


Our plan is to put up 4' knee-walls, leaving 8' wide rooms.  The attic is shaped like the rest of the house, an L.  One side is 45' and the other is 35' long.  If the structure cooperates and the gable doesn't fall off the front of the house, we'll have 2 bedrooms, a little living area, and a bathroom up there. 


This is the view of what will be a little living area.  There will hopefully be a really cute window here.



The ceiling/roof



The chimney, which Jeff gets to chisel out down to the floor...


Here's a view down the long side of the L...


 10/14/05 -- Here is a couple pics of the view up the stairs, before the support was cut.




Here is Jeff cutting (and me holding my breath)



And here is our walk-thru!

Here's a view to the back of the house.  You can see where the ceiling will be.  From this angle, I am standing in the living area.

The walk-thru to the stairs is on your right (past the stairs over there is a bedroom), and I am

 looking back where there will be a bathroom along the left wall, a little hallway to the back bedroom along the right.


10/17/05 -- Jeff has framed up some of the knee-walls...



12/4/05 -- We have some more knee-walls framed, and the window is in!  Oh yeah, and the big honkin' chimney that was right in the middle is GONE!

Here is Jeff working on framing the other gable for its window...

And, in this picture, you can see the big hole in the attic, where you can see down to the Christmas lights on our fence!

This hole has actually saved us... We don't know how we would have been able to get 16' boards

all the way up to the 3rd floor if we couldn't just pass them up to the upstairs porch and through the hole to the attic!



It doesn't look like much, but the "dormer" has been framed up in the front bedroom. Also, the framing of the exterior knee-walls is done. We are cleaning it up so that we can blow in insulation.




1/27/07 -  Here you can see the cellulose insullation that we sprayed in (which we highly recommend), and the flooring that Jeff started to put in.