Owls and Squirrels and Bees, Oh My!

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Pix from the Day One


In the attic, there lives a big owl.  Her wing span is probably 4ft long.  We don't have any pictures of her, quite frankly because I am scared of getting my eyes gauged out, but I was brave enough to get these photos of her four little ones.  I thought I was going to find cute little fuzz-balls... although I did find fuzz-balls, I think it is a bit of a stretch to call them cute... they kind of look like something out of the movie  "The Secret Of NIMH", or a Jim Henson puppet out of the "Labyrinth".  I can tell by looking at these guys (and hearing their hisses) that I don't want to meet their mom!



There is also an entire tree of honey bees right in front of the front porch... You can hear them from the inside of the house!  Yikes!


Here are the owl babies on 6/1/04 -->


In addition to these critters, there are chipmunks living under the front porch and an entire colony of squirrels living in the attic... walls...floors... It's a whole ecosystem in there!


6/5/04-- Here is the squirrel's nest we found underneath the bathtub downstairs!  Yuck!

6/12/04-- Look at our wings!

6/19/04- Here are the owls... feathers and all!  (Notice this picture is farther away than the others-- I'm a scardie cat!)

5/10/05 -- Today we caught a thief!  One of the upstairs bedrooms still doesn't have sheet rock up.  A mother bird (that has babies in our soffit) was caught coming in and taking off with insulation out of the wall.  I can't believe we didn't hear her sooner!  

Check out how much she got away with!


Warning... not for the faint of heart...

Here's a couple trinkets that the owls left for us.  (Yes, this is a chicken.)


An egg that didn't hatch...




6/4/06 Here are pictures of our newest residents... 2 massive rat snakes that have made a home out of our big oak tree.


A few days ago, a bird was in our house, in the living room, to be exact. I caught her and let her go, and then later that day, another one showed up in my bathroom. The next day, I found the reason... the bird was back, because all of her babies had fallen from inside the chimney... and landed in our fireplace. The bird was such a good mommy, she is coming in to our house to feed them, but she can't find her way out. Luckily, this is in a room that is not being used by us-- the workshop that will some day be our formal living room. Unfortunately, the wall separating that room from the rest of the house doesn't go all the way to the ceiling... so, she can roam the house. So far, I have just been catching her and letting her go, but tonight I will put up a board so that she'll have to go right back up the chimney when she's finished feeding those 5 babies...


I'm sure there will be more photos to come

Hopefully, there will be no more to come.