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Here is what we will be using as the dining room.  At this point, there is a built-in closet and only 1 window.  There is a hole cut for a window or door on the back wall.


 5/8/04- Jeff has taken the closet out of the dining room.


 5/16/04- The windows are installed.  There will be a French door in between them.  This will have a view of the pecan tree and crepe myrtles out back.


4/19/04-  French door is put in.  Trim that was found in the smokehouse out back has also been added to the windows.

5/23/04- Another picture showing the added windows and door


12/31/2007 -- The dining room was our bedroom until the boys were able to move into the upstairs master bedroom.  Then, Jeff and I moved our bedroom to the living room!  Now, the living room is a living room and we EAT in the dining room!  (Granted, it is an unfinished MESS, but still.  Baby steps.)


9/16/08 - Finally!  No, the room isn't "finished".  The sheetrock still needs serious work, if not total replacing, the floor needs to be pulled up and subfloor layed, the trim around the door needs to be corrected, and probably many more things need to happen that I'm not even thinking of...


This room is so low on the priority list that I've always wanted to just patch up what I can, throw some paint on the walls, tack up some kind of trim over the gap around the door, and make it half way presentable... at least so we can have people actually eat in the dining room.

It took the combination of a baby's arrival, my bedrest, and my very energetic, optimistic, and creative mother for the temporary fix to actually take place...

And boy do I feel better now that it has!  Thanks Mom!

(Color - Ralph Lauren Old Violin  /  Curtains from Home Depot)





9/21/08 - I ripped those nasty covers off my dining room chairs and finally am in the process of recovering them.  I'm using a coordinating print to my curtain.


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