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Here is the back of the house when we began.  The house used to have an addition off the back, which is why the upstairs has no siding along the back.


5/11/04-Siding was installed along one section of the upstairs, and siding is going up on the utility room.  The plan is to add a deck/porch off of the utility room and wrap all the way around the west side and along the entire front of the house.


5/16/04- Utility room and upstairs siding is complete.


Working on siding the section along the back and adding a French door and 2 windows in the dining room.


5/19/04-  Siding along back wall is finished

5/23/04- Fascia and soffits are completed along back and most of side.  We have to leave a piece off of the side so the owl can get in to her babies!


Here is a picture of the smokehouse, as it was when we bought the house...

6/4/05 -- Here is Jeff and Randy, removing the asbestos.  (Taken from the window-- I wasn't going outside!)


6/25/05 -- Here's the smokehouse, after Jeff tied it to the truck!

7/17/05 -- It's GONE!!!