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The floorboards in one of the upstairs rooms has been taken up to put in steel reinforcement.  There are 2 rooms with the original flooring.  We plan to take up those boards to reinforce the floors, and use the boards downstairs in the kitchen.  We will then put all matching wood flooring in the upstairs rooms.

5/16/04-  We have a whole colony of squirrels in this house.  Here, Jeff has taken up the floorboards in one of the rooms to find the squirrels' stash of pecans.


Randy is using a planer to take off the layer of paint and grime.


Here is an old board compared to one that has been through the planer.

6/19/04-  I have been in charge of taking up the upstairs floorboards.  I had to take out the "new" wall separating the "closet" from the back room.  I am now pulling up the floor boards in the back room... they are full 16ft boards!