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Pix from the Day One


Here is the kitchen when we began.  Here, it is completely unfinished, with no flooring, ceiling, or sheetrock.


As of 5/8/04, Utility boxes and sheetrock is installed on the section of the room that will have cabinets and counters.

6/5/04- Jeff has taken the bathroom door frame out in the kitchen.  We will be closing this off and making the door in the hallway across from the Butler's Pantry.

6/12/04-- Today we put in the tongue and groove ceiling in the kitchen!

7/19/04-- The cabinets are in!!!!!

-Click here to see the Butler's Pantry-


8/7/04-- Here you can see the hardwood floor going in the kitchen.  This is the flooring that I pulled up from the upstairs, which Randy then planed.


8/13/04-- The countertops and fixtures are in....


 9/4/04 -- The flooring is down!



And now stained!


Here is a little taste of what the backsplash will look like.  (It isn't installed yet)  We are using 1910 ceiling tiles, the same as we will use on the downstairs foyer's ceiling.


10/9/05 -- Here's my backsplash!  (The window is yet to be framed...)


12/4/05 -- The rest of the kitchen backsplash is in, and the windows are TRIMMED!





And finally, the trim is painted...