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This is what the bedroom looked like the day we purchased the house...

6/5/04- I am taking the floorboards up to put in supports in the floor.  Randy is running them through the planer and we are using them in the kitchen.  We'll be putting matching hardwood floors throughout the upstairs.

Here is the hallway going back into another room.  There is a small 5'x11' room on the left.  Our current plan is to use this as a closet, add another matching closet next to it (his/hers), and then use the back room as a master bath.

Here is the small bathroom that we will (probably) be using as a closet.

Here is the back room that we are thinking about making into a master bath.  We picture a shower in one corner, water closet in the other, and a clawfoot tub in front of the center window, overlooking the pecan tree out back.


6/19/04-- Here's the back room after I took the wall out...

7/24/04-- Here is a picture that shows how Jeff is reinforcing the joists in the master bedroom (he did the same in the upstairs foyer).

7/31/04-- Making progress getting the floor up from the back room.  This flooring will go down the in the kitchen.


5/10/05-- In the last few weeks, Jeff and Randy have finished supporting the floor, put in the sub-floor, and are now laying down the hardwood floors!  Most of the flooring upstairs will be new, so that all of the downstairs rooms (including kitchen and bath) could all be original wood.  We also FINALLY painted those walls!  

The boys will live in this room before it is the master, but how exciting to see a possibility to move up a floor in the future!





I can't believe it's been close to a year since I've updated this room's page... guess we've been busy on other parts of the house! We now have baseboards and crown, and finished floors. You can see in the picture, we also have HEATING AND AIR!!!! We are getting very close to moving the boys up here into the master!  




Just thought I would show how we are using the master bath and where our walk in closet and office will be as our storage room. When you live in only 4 rooms of your house, you have a lot of crap in storage. (Especially when you have NO CLOSETS!)  




Well, it isn't exactly the "master" yet, but at least someone's living up here! I must say, I'm a bit jealous of them for having a real bedroom... but they really love their "big boy room"!


6/1/09 - Updated to show their big boy room!  (No, it's still not my master!)