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5/16/04- Jeff has begun grouting around the chimney where there is a big gap between it and the house.

5/23/04- I scrubbed all of the bottom floor windows today, in preparation for painting.  Some of the sills are in very bad shape.  

Here is a picture of one of the worst ones.  Jeff is using a hardening chemical and filling in the holes.

11/8/04-- Here's the same window sill once it was finished and painted!

2/28/05-- Here is our progress on the pickets fence that will surround the house!

3/6/05-- Progress on the picket fence....






4/8/06-- Here is the view of the construction work on the city park. This is right across the street! The view here is off our top front porch...


Here is a picture from the boys' birthday party that shows our newly painted fence! It looks 100% better!