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Pix from the Day One


Here is the beginnings of the rock walkways going from the front door to the mailbox, and over to the gate...



10/5/05-- Jeff and the boys finished laying down the rock for the walkway!


10/9/05 -- The walkway is finished!  All we need now is some landscaping (ok, that's not really all we need)


5/22/06 -- You remember those bricks that Jeff chiseled off from the chimney in the attic? We threw them out the 3rd story "window" (then just a hole).
Let's flash back...

I finally got around to chipping off all the old mortar, and then Jeff has kicked butt on laying them for the foundation of our back deck! This will be the first step in the construction of our wrap around porch... the one that WILL happen, oh yes, it will...



6/4/06 – The joists are pretty much finished.  Jeff and the boys are gearing up to put in the posts and lay the decking!


7/4/06 – The boys wanted to look at Daddy's porch book and make a porch out of Play-doh. Notice the little "bricks", "boards", and a pile of "mortar".


7/19/06 – Here are some pictures of the back deck, with the decking on!


12/27/06—A while back, Jeff designed the balusters for our one-day wrap around porch and back deck.  He designed a piece for the center of each section, cut it out, and it looks WONDERFUL!


Okay, I don’t know if Jeff and I are the only ones who think this is just crazy/cool, but once we put up the decorative pieces we noticed that the dead spaces shared an uncanny resemblance to Alice’s profile (Alice in Wonderland)


Jeff and Asa also created some great (and MUCH NEEDED) stairs off the back deck!  I came home to a very dirty little boy, covered in concrete, who informed me that "concrete has rocks and mortar doesn't".  I think it was actually mortar that was in his ear.

4/19/2010 – The back deck has been extended! We now have the deck running the full width of the house, which is great because now that dining room door no longer leads to a drop off!