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5/10/05-- Jeff designed the new stained glass pattern for the front door.  


So far, here is what he has made.  

(Here is a before and after picture- WOW!)



7/2/05 --  Here is the center piece for the front door, in progress...



7/22/05 -- And the center piece is in!  Just 6 more pieces to go!  :)



4/22/07 - Jeff has made workbenches for the garage, and now he has a spot to keep all of his stained glass supplies.



 5/5/07 -- Four more pieces are in!  Just two left... and Jeff says they're going to be a pain, so who knows when we'll see them!


6/1/09 - Wow.  Been a while, huh?  Jeff has finished the top pane!  It's not the original design, but I think it looks excellent!