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The mantle is fabulous in this room.  The previous owner, bless her heart, was great enough to strip all the old paint off... revealing the gorgeous wood.

We changed the look and feel of this room by adding small French doors in the center of the wall to the foyer.

This room has been just like it looks here since we moved in. We have been using it as a workshop for about 2 years now, and wow... I'm ready for the garage to be finished so we can reclaim (or just claim, I guess we never had it) our space. Although this room will eventually be a formal living room, but the first step for this room is going to be our bedroom, so we can actually use the dining room instead of sleeping in it.


With the completion of the garage, we have been able to clean out the tools from this room!  Hey- Baby steps, right?


1/13/06 -- Although we have had NO progress on this room yet, we have big plans for it.  We just couldn't pass up this great Hunter's Cabinet that will call this room home!  We think it will make a great liquor cabinet!



6/9/2008 -- Although no real work has begun on this room, we have started cleaning it out (which was work, I suppose).  Because of the impending arrival of our new baby in October, we need this room to be our bedroom in 4 months.  The baby will be taking over the bedroom that we are currently in upstairs.  When the third floor is completed (or when my children grow up and move out, whichever comes first), this room will take its rightful place as the formal living room.

8/3/2008 --

Jeff and Randy got the living room cleaned out (which we have never seen before) and sheetrock up on the wall it shares with the foyer (which we have also never seen before).  They taped and put up the first layer of mud yesterday. Jeff is working on another layer today. One problem we have had with this room is that there is not enough of the original flooring to do the entire room. I'm still not sure exactly what we'll do about this... over the years there have been discussions of patching with another wood, getting lucky enough to get heart pine out of an old house that is being torn down, using that wood somewhere else and buying another wood for the room... and now we come to the point where a decision is not far off. Sadly, we just missed the demolition of an old house here in our town.

We are starting to see the beginnings of a room...


9/1/2008 -- After much sanding and mudding and sanding and mudding, Jeff and Randy finished the walls to the future living room. The ceiling, however, is a different story. It is a mess. Looking at it, I don't see how they will be able to manage it. We are scouring our brains for other options.

BUT, as of now, the walls are finished and are painted! We have never seen this room look anything resembling, well, a room. Jeff started trimming the windows and we have purchased the heart pine flooring that we will use. We will use the flooring that was in the room (that there was not enough of for the room) in the upstairs master bath and closet.



9/1/2008 -- Jeff and Randy have worked all day on putting the flooring in. They didn't make it all the way across the room, but they did make it over halfway!


9/21/2008 -- What a productive weekend!

Randy and Jeff finished putting the floor down in the living room... and then Asa and Randy sanded it!

After a lot of sanding and a hormonal meltdown on my part (a clean house, a lot of dust flying, and a 9 month pregnant wife is a bad combo), the floor was ready to be stained. Jeff tried the "roll on" approach to staining this time. It seems to me that it goes on a bit thicker than a brush, and it's hard to blend your stops and starts... but it is a ton quicker. I think rolling on the polyurethane will be easier to do than the stain. But, with my belly setting its secret time limit, the roll on stain worked good enough for me!


There was some flooring leftover, so Jeff used it for the wall in the Butler's Pantry area... which hasn't had a wall since we gutted the bathroom and put in the pocket door.


10/05/2008 -- Jeff had the ingenious idea to use these marble threshold strips instead of buying expensive fire place tiles.  We got them from the surplus place for a steal, cut them up, and bingo!  We went and bought these tiles 2 days before I went into labor and the fireplace was finished 2 days after Ivey was born... while I was still in the hospital.  How?  I have no idea.


12/30/2008 -- The furniture is moved in and the room looks great for Christmas!